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The Site is formally a blog reflecting upon experiences, and sharing news on new projects by the owner, Quoc Truong. The Site also serves as a premium store, offering hand lettered designs to the customer. We reserve the right to update and modify these terms, privacy policy and shipping information at any given time without prior notification. Site users must abide to these terms even when they have modified.   



All of the content showed on this Site is solely for personal and from time-to-time as commercial use (through our store) but mainly for personal use. In no way or in any form, should there be no reproduction of the contents display on the Site from; written, photography, design, drawing and art.  



Any type of feedback through comments, discussion, remarks or submissions delivered on the Site, we reserve the right to delete any of the above for monitoring purposes and to provide a safe online community for all users. 



All of the designs; from photography, written, artwork and drawings expressed in material form are protected under the Copyright Act 1968 under the Australian Law. This allows our work to not be damaged through unauthorised use. We control the right to control reproduction of our work. There should be no reproduction of our work from our store without our written consent or permission. 



1.5.1. PAYMENT 

We accept Mastercard (credit and debit cards), Visa (credit and debit cards), American Express credit cards, Apple pay and Paypal payments. We may contact you further on the grounds to identify you for processing your order. If there are any changes made to your order or cancelation we will contact you with the personal information you have provided from the moment you you placed your order. 


Prices displayed at quotruo.com are in Australian Dollars (AUD) unless stated otherwise e.g. USD, GBP, EUR, etc. We reserve the right to change our pricing without any prior notification.   


This Terms & Conditions was created on March 11, 2017.