Holding onto that creative dream.


As a practicing creative – who holds a lot of skills in many creative areas – you’ll see yourself inspired and wanting to be the inspiration. Ever since social media has landed, there has been this pressure of being well known or having lots of followers. That’s understandable. Yet, artists, designers and creatives in all sorts of fields need to make money. Whether, it is being employed from full-time to casual work. And the time and effort needed to be put into our creative pursuits can often be left behind due to contributing society, economically wise. It can often be even harder, when the support you think you need isn’t reciprocating.

Don’t get to caught up on why your friends aren’t liking your work or responding to your own work. More often, we go to our friends for support and more often, it’s just for moral support. Their interests and past times are different and, if you ever have an opening or a showing – and they don’t rock up. It’s important to understand, sometimes your dreams aren’t as important to others. Basically, people also have lives.

Years may have passed but it seems what you’re doing isn’t going anywhere. I think many of us feel this way, especially if you also have to earn some income to help build our creative pursuits. If it’s working, keep going. If not, change some areas in your life to help forward your ideas and goals. Sometimes, all it takes is to write down your plans in a notebook.

Take the time to think, reevaluate and live a balanced social/work life.  Get different perspectives, do something out of the ordinary but manage what you can do and can’t do. Every now and then, we keep ourselves distracted or busy enough to not see where we can improve and make adjustments. Determine what is working and what isn’t working.  

The hard part is putting in the work. Establish when you can focus on the work you want to do. There are so many ways, to help you set in the mood; play a music playlist, eat chocolate to concentrate and simply just putting your mind to the task. Allocate time with short breaks and think of how it can be doable.

Like many have said before, dreams don’t work unless you do.  


Words, and typography by Quoc Truong