Casual weekender

Taking time to relax is a key must-do in my life. The weekends are a perfect way to wind down and enjoy the small things in life, while still doing something. This week's post is me being in my most comfortable self in my most comfortable clothing. Everlane's knitted jumper is my must-grab piece this Winter; either heading out or staying in. This jumper is probably the most comfortable piece of item I've owned for the year.  


Favourite pastimes (other than mindlessly scrolling on the gram) find me being immersed in a good read and drinking tea. Normally, I'd go with chai but sometimes green or fruity flavoured options makes their way in the cup too. 


Texture stitch jumper/sweater: Everlane, Pants: Elite Eleven.

Thanks to you - the readers - for coming on board in seeing 6 weeks with me come alive in this space of the website. This is the last week of this project and hope you learnt a little something about me, other from reading the about me section. A huge thanks to Alba from Albalone photography for being 100% behind this. Send all your support her way because this wouldn't happen without her!

Until the next post, hope you have a good week and happy reading. 

Words, Styling & Creative direction by Quoc Truong
Photography, Production & Art direction by Albalone.

How to see your friends

Another post inspired by the people around me, as always my friends, friends whom you see from time-to-time or catch-up with. The people who keep you on the ground and genuinely care for your well-being. This is a short guide you don't have to or can follow to set your day before and while seeing your friends. The list is as follows:  

  • Set your alarm on, unless you want to be that friend who comes late to everything on purpose.  
  • If you have pre-plans or post-plans make sure you follow up throughout in case spontaneous events happen whilst being with your friends.
  • Check that bank account, nothing quite like not being able to spend money on food. 
  • Whatever makes you-you or what cause you want to support. Don't forget to it bring with you. In this case, my custom coffee cup from Keep Cup for a #PlasticFreeJuly. In this case making my coffee runs on a byo basis. 
  • Feel free to add more to this list (in the comments section if you like), that's applicable to your lifestyle. 

There's something about seeing your friends where wearing clothes that make you feel comfortable in - is never frowned upon. While this thought is sentimental, it kind of adds value to the relationships you build upon. You don't just wear clothes to impress what you have or own, you're simply wearing them because it represents how you want to chase the day away. I'm forever trying to wear clothes to comfort my food baby after every meal. Since it is still Winter here, beanie's and black jackets are my favourite go-to staples to grab on the go. 

Beanie: Plane clothing, Denim shirt: Just Jeans, Jacket: The Academy Brand, Navy chinos: Just Jeans, Shoes: Vans. 

If you have been following, this post came a day later than usual this week. Here's to nearing this project of 6 weeks with me, see you next week, on the last week. 

Words, Styling & Creative direction by Quoc Truong
Photography, Production & Art direction by Albalone.

Family get-up

When it comes to family affairs, we often come bearing gifts for special occasions from birthdays to - in general - just spending time with them. Often at times, we dress up to the nines or take the extra route of coming in our comfortable sweatpants (in my own experience - yours may differ). This post is in homage to our families, who stay with us by blood and go through our troubles of growing up. Mainly for seeing us, while we sit in peace through; our sitting positions forever mindlessly scrolling, being our sources of entertainment by hitting the record button or helping them cook a family feast. This week's post, I'm playing the "you deserve the world" card and as lovey-dovey it sounds, our families do deserve the world, through thick and thin.         


At very core of any family, I'm grateful to have a support system who encourages and is there for whenever I need them. I'm very much a homebody but also enjoys a night out eating food with my closest group of friends, and when I'm home, I get to spend it with my family and often-at-times ordering in takeaway food, mostly namely pizza.  


Disbud flowers: Hampstead flowers, Long-sleeve denim shirt: H&M, Black chinos: Just Jeans, Shoes: Hush Puppies.

Now in week 4, to my readers who are still following my journey of 6 weeks with me thanks for being so committed and coming back each week. I see you guys. Hope this week treats you well. Tune in until next Monday, happy reading. 
Words, Styling & Creative direction by Quoc Truong 
Photography, Production & Art direction Albalone

Squad attire

This post is a homage to all my friends who put up with me. No squad - in other words your own crew, band of mates or group of besties - is better than the one you're a part of. May it be a close network of friends, the ones you've stayed with from the first day of school, a community of like-minded interests or your very own family. They're the ones who, lift you up, ground you and empower you to become a better person in all facets of your life. They're definitely worth their weight in gold.


If casual and comfortable had a persona, this would be it. Still in the middle of Winter, a bomber jacket is my go-to grab (almost like a portable heater) when it comes to casual outings and meet-ups with my friends . When I'm with my friends, from time-to-time we're often doing things that extend our physical ability from the; casual dining-ins or grubbing sessions with food. Forever bonding on, spontaneous trips to the beach, going on children's rides, hikes to hotspots and forever-entering horror rooms with my ride and dies. 


Cap: Goat Crew, Hoodie: Carré, Black chinos: Just Jeans, Khaki bomber jacket: Cotton On,
Black sneakers: Nike Roshe One.

Here's to hitting the mid-way point of 6 weeks with me, until next Monday - happy reading. 
Words, Styling & Creative Direction by Quoc Truong
Photography, Production & Art Direction by Albalone

Out and about

At my side - as of late - is a large cappuccino with 1 sugar to start the week. When a small errand presents itself or I have to step outside of the house for a moment, my go-to look is all black everything. A look, us Aussies here in Melbourne is recognised for and since it is Winter here, layering up is a must. Today's post is all about me supporting the 100% Human Rights campaign from Everlane.  


Everlane is a brand I not only wear out almost on a daily basis but is also built on the core foundation of transparency. While this campaign is set upon the land of America, fellow Australians can follow suit in supporting a cause that shouldn't need to be a cause but more of a norm through the realms of acceptance, awareness of diversity and harbouring thoughts into words of support and love. The best thing about this is, Everlane is also donating 100% of their proceeds from the 100% Human Pride collection to the Human Rights campaign. Differences, looks and preferences aside we're #HumanTogether. 


Dipped zip backpack: Everlane, Air raglan long-sleeve: Everlane, 100% human unisex crew: Everlane, Vintage slim chino: The Academy Brand, Cortez shoes: Nike

Here's to week 2 of 6 weeks with me, and tune in for next week. Until then, happy reading. 

Words, Styling & Creative direction by Quoc Truong
Photography, Production, & Art direction by Albalone

Introducing me

Sipping on an English brekkie cuppa, keeping warm in layers in Melbourne's 10 degrees Winter weather and ear drumming to Lorde's new album Melodrama. What seemed like the lost art of writing - in this case blog writing - has now found it's way back. Where I have been? Consequently, living life without the wonders of not updating on here and it's been good for awhile besides from keeping up to date online, notoriously being Instagram. 

If I haven't done so, my name is Quoc and I now start a blog project 6 Weeks with Me to show my readers who follow my journey on my other platforms to get to know me a little better. A series of posts to show my favourite brands at the moment and giving a face behind the work you see. I teamed up with photographer Albalone, who helped me bring this project alive. 

Being comfortable in my skin is something I bring along to all elements in my life. It is no different with the clothes I wear by keeping it casual and comfortable. My go-to look when I'm heading out from small errands to meeting up with people to follow me up on that thing - is chucking on a; pair of white sneakers, comfortable black pants and alternate between various sweaters. If I'm lucky when it's bright outside, a pair of sunnies as well. 

Hunter sunnies: Oscar Wylee, Sweater: Champion, Weekend chino: The Academy Brand,
Stan Smith sneakers: Adidas Originals

For what has been a tumbleweed moment on here, I now introduce you a weekly post update for the next 6 weeks with me. This is week 1 and until next Monday, happy reading.  

Words, Styling & Creative direction by Quoc Truong
Photography, Production & Art direction by Albalone