A Day with Milly

It was back in mid April 2015, when I saw one of my creative friends who made a facebook page for their photography work. Feeling excited, supportive and wanting to see how they are doing. We spent a day in April, just randomly taking photos and craving for brunch at Hobba. Sadly, we arrived so late they were about to close - got ourselves hot chocolate and some small nibbles instead. The day was quite freezing to be adventuring in and we walked past a dog who was playing fetch with their owner. It was quite funny when the dog came up to us and placed the ball at our feet. After a long day, Milly was happy to answer a few questions about her work and what inspires her.   

The hot chocolate and small nibbles at  Hobba

The hot chocolate and small nibbles at Hobba

Milly smiling for days

Milly smiling for days

Hi Milly, how are you? It’s so cool and awesome at the same time that I know you as a friend, awesome baker, hard-worker and now a professional photographer. What would you say to someone who hasn’t met you before?

Hi Quoc!! I'm excellent, thank you for asking, albeit busy! Thank you for the compliment although I'd hardly say "professional" photographer haha, "amateur" is more like it!

If I'd never met a person before, I'd probably chat to them and find out a bit about them - although to be honest, I can be a bit shy and introverted, so sometimes I really have to work to be sociable!

Photographing events which I've done a few times has therefore been both challenging and rewarding, as I am forced to meet and chat to people. It's been a great way to make new friends!


On our way to  Hobba

On our way to Hobba

What inspires your creativity? Do you have a favourite muse, idol, or person who inspires you to become a better person?

I don't have an inspirational figure in my life actually, and I'm not even sure if I'm really creative! I write, bake and take photos because it is something that I enjoy, and oftentimes it's about capturing a feeling or mood that I hope can carry across to the audience.

Inspiration therefore comes from a myriad of sources - personal feelings, thought provoking events, interesting things I see while out and about...!


In 3 words, name yourself as a superhero? And what superpower would you have?

Oh gosh haha, I'm not too good with pop culture so I can't really name a specific superhero I would be like!

Milly playing with her hair like she just doesn't care

Milly playing with her hair like she just doesn't care

Is there a book you’re reading right now? Would you recommend it? If you’re not reading a book, what book would you want to read right now if you had the time?

Yes! Homage to Catalonia by George Orwell is a personal account of his experiences in the Spanish Civil War. It's incredibly descriptive and well written.


What’s on your to-do-list for the day?

Nothing! ... I wish.

Top of the list is a lot of work for uni. Further down the list are quite a few photos to edit, photoshoots to plan and travel planning! I'm leaving to go overseas in a few weeks so need to get on top of planning!

Smiling Milly 

Smiling Milly 

What made you get into photography? What is your favourite subject matter to photograph?

I think it is a wonderful creative medium, and I only really noticed how expressive it can be when I joined an art website called deviantART many years ago. Although I don't use the site much anymore, at the time I remember sifting through loads of artwork - photography, traditional and writing. Initially, I loved everything, but with a greater exposure over time, I started to appreciate some of the great work they have (amongst some more mediocre stuff).

Waiting for our tram feat. Milly's peace sign 

Waiting for our tram feat. Milly's peace sign 

Seeing all of that inspired me to get into it myself. I'm not big on drawing, but writing and photography I was interested in, and I discovered I actually loved!

There's no particular subject matter I can pick out as a favourite - I like a range, from landscapes to portraits, to food and still life styling and photography. There's others too that I'd be interested in trying - urban landscapes or cityscapes, street photography and wildlife photography to name a few. Underwater would also be super cool to try!

Funny photo of Milly and I

Funny photo of Milly and I

If you could take a selfie anywhere in the world, where would it be and why? In 25 words or less.

Probably somewhere very ridiculous or terrifying. Underwater or while skydiving, maybe! I love travelling so I’m sure that I would be able to have the chance to take lots of selfies elsewhere so it'd be cool to challenge myself and move out of my comfort zone. I think the same can be said of what I want from photography, too!!

Thanks Milly!


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Words, photography and lettering by Quoc Truong