Casual weekender

Taking time to relax is a key must-do in my life. The weekends are a perfect way to wind down and enjoy the small things in life, while still doing something. This week's post is me being in my most comfortable self in my most comfortable clothing. Everlane's knitted jumper is my must-grab piece this Winter; either heading out or staying in. This jumper is probably the most comfortable piece of item I've owned for the year.  


Favourite pastimes (other than mindlessly scrolling on the gram) find me being immersed in a good read and drinking tea. Normally, I'd go with chai but sometimes green or fruity flavoured options makes their way in the cup too. 


Texture stitch jumper/sweater: Everlane, Pants: Elite Eleven.

Thanks to you - the readers - for coming on board in seeing 6 weeks with me come alive in this space of the website. This is the last week of this project and hope you learnt a little something about me, other from reading the about me section. A huge thanks to Alba from Albalone photography for being 100% behind this. Send all your support her way because this wouldn't happen without her!

Until the next post, hope you have a good week and happy reading. 

Words, Styling & Creative direction by Quoc Truong
Photography, Production & Art direction by Albalone.