Out and about

At my side - as of late - is a large cappuccino with 1 sugar to start the week. When a small errand presents itself or I have to step outside of the house for a moment, my go-to look is all black everything. A look, us Aussies here in Melbourne is recognised for and since it is Winter here, layering up is a must. Today's post is all about me supporting the 100% Human Rights campaign from Everlane.  


Everlane is a brand I not only wear out almost on a daily basis but is also built on the core foundation of transparency. While this campaign is set upon the land of America, fellow Australians can follow suit in supporting a cause that shouldn't need to be a cause but more of a norm through the realms of acceptance, awareness of diversity and harbouring thoughts into words of support and love. The best thing about this is, Everlane is also donating 100% of their proceeds from the 100% Human Pride collection to the Human Rights campaign. Differences, looks and preferences aside we're #HumanTogether. 


Dipped zip backpack: Everlane, Air raglan long-sleeve: Everlane, 100% human unisex crew: Everlane, Vintage slim chino: The Academy Brand, Cortez shoes: Nike

Here's to week 2 of 6 weeks with me, and tune in for next week. Until then, happy reading. 

Words, Styling & Creative direction by Quoc Truong
Photography, Production, & Art direction by Albalone