Introducing me

Sipping on an English brekkie cuppa, keeping warm in layers in Melbourne's 10 degrees Winter weather and ear drumming to Lorde's new album Melodrama. What seemed like the lost art of writing - in this case blog writing - has now found it's way back. Where I have been? Consequently, living life without the wonders of not updating on here and it's been good for awhile besides from keeping up to date online, notoriously being Instagram. 

If I haven't done so, my name is Quoc and I now start a blog project 6 Weeks with Me to show my readers who follow my journey on my other platforms to get to know me a little better. A series of posts to show my favourite brands at the moment and giving a face behind the work you see. I teamed up with photographer Albalone, who helped me bring this project alive. 

Being comfortable in my skin is something I bring along to all elements in my life. It is no different with the clothes I wear by keeping it casual and comfortable. My go-to look when I'm heading out from small errands to meeting up with people to follow me up on that thing - is chucking on a; pair of white sneakers, comfortable black pants and alternate between various sweaters. If I'm lucky when it's bright outside, a pair of sunnies as well. 

Hunter sunnies: Oscar Wylee, Sweater: Champion, Weekend chino: The Academy Brand,
Stan Smith sneakers: Adidas Originals

For what has been a tumbleweed moment on here, I now introduce you a weekly post update for the next 6 weeks with me. This is week 1 and until next Monday, happy reading.  

Words, Styling & Creative direction by Quoc Truong
Photography, Production & Art direction by Albalone