How to see your friends

Another post inspired by the people around me, as always my friends, friends whom you see from time-to-time or catch-up with. The people who keep you on the ground and genuinely care for your well-being. This is a short guide you don't have to or can follow to set your day before and while seeing your friends. The list is as follows:  

  • Set your alarm on, unless you want to be that friend who comes late to everything on purpose.  
  • If you have pre-plans or post-plans make sure you follow up throughout in case spontaneous events happen whilst being with your friends.
  • Check that bank account, nothing quite like not being able to spend money on food. 
  • Whatever makes you-you or what cause you want to support. Don't forget to it bring with you. In this case, my custom coffee cup from Keep Cup for a #PlasticFreeJuly. In this case making my coffee runs on a byo basis. 
  • Feel free to add more to this list (in the comments section if you like), that's applicable to your lifestyle. 

There's something about seeing your friends where wearing clothes that make you feel comfortable in - is never frowned upon. While this thought is sentimental, it kind of adds value to the relationships you build upon. You don't just wear clothes to impress what you have or own, you're simply wearing them because it represents how you want to chase the day away. I'm forever trying to wear clothes to comfort my food baby after every meal. Since it is still Winter here, beanie's and black jackets are my favourite go-to staples to grab on the go. 

Beanie: Plane clothing, Denim shirt: Just Jeans, Jacket: The Academy Brand, Navy chinos: Just Jeans, Shoes: Vans. 

If you have been following, this post came a day later than usual this week. Here's to nearing this project of 6 weeks with me, see you next week, on the last week. 

Words, Styling & Creative direction by Quoc Truong
Photography, Production & Art direction by Albalone.