Squad attire

This post is a homage to all my friends who put up with me. No squad - in other words your own crew, band of mates or group of besties - is better than the one you're a part of. May it be a close network of friends, the ones you've stayed with from the first day of school, a community of like-minded interests or your very own family. They're the ones who, lift you up, ground you and empower you to become a better person in all facets of your life. They're definitely worth their weight in gold.


If casual and comfortable had a persona, this would be it. Still in the middle of Winter, a bomber jacket is my go-to grab (almost like a portable heater) when it comes to casual outings and meet-ups with my friends . When I'm with my friends, from time-to-time we're often doing things that extend our physical ability from the; casual dining-ins or grubbing sessions with food. Forever bonding on, spontaneous trips to the beach, going on children's rides, hikes to hotspots and forever-entering horror rooms with my ride and dies. 


Cap: Goat Crew, Hoodie: Carré, Black chinos: Just Jeans, Khaki bomber jacket: Cotton On,
Black sneakers: Nike Roshe One.

Here's to hitting the mid-way point of 6 weeks with me, until next Monday - happy reading. 
Words, Styling & Creative Direction by Quoc Truong
Photography, Production & Art Direction by Albalone