Family get-up

When it comes to family affairs, we often come bearing gifts for special occasions from birthdays to - in general - just spending time with them. Often at times, we dress up to the nines or take the extra route of coming in our comfortable sweatpants (in my own experience - yours may differ). This post is in homage to our families, who stay with us by blood and go through our troubles of growing up. Mainly for seeing us, while we sit in peace through; our sitting positions forever mindlessly scrolling, being our sources of entertainment by hitting the record button or helping them cook a family feast. This week's post, I'm playing the "you deserve the world" card and as lovey-dovey it sounds, our families do deserve the world, through thick and thin.         


At very core of any family, I'm grateful to have a support system who encourages and is there for whenever I need them. I'm very much a homebody but also enjoys a night out eating food with my closest group of friends, and when I'm home, I get to spend it with my family and often-at-times ordering in takeaway food, mostly namely pizza.  


Disbud flowers: Hampstead flowers, Long-sleeve denim shirt: H&M, Black chinos: Just Jeans, Shoes: Hush Puppies.

Now in week 4, to my readers who are still following my journey of 6 weeks with me thanks for being so committed and coming back each week. I see you guys. Hope this week treats you well. Tune in until next Monday, happy reading. 
Words, Styling & Creative direction by Quoc Truong 
Photography, Production & Art direction Albalone