Sainthood by Eirian Chapman at Lamington Drive

Pictured above is Jacky Winter's bird logo above their front door, and inside - their gallery name Lamington Drive in neon lights.You may of have heard or not heard of  The Jacky Winter Group,an agency representing some of the best creative and talented bunch of artists from illustrators, makers and photographers. Lamington Drive is their gallery, housing and showcasing the work of these creatives for the general public.

The people who runLamington Drive are an amazing group of people. I was luckily enough to help out alongside them for Supergraph back in 2013. Do say hi to Shena, the gallery owner, if you ever go by and visit the gallery during their shows. She will make sure your experience is an eventful one.

Installation of The Patron Saint of Shiny Things and Interstellar Tennis by Eirian Chapman at Lamington Drive.  

Only 2 days left of the Sainthood show by Eirian Chapman’s, my visit to her show was inspiring and a great way to take a break from studying. The first time I had seen Eirian Chapman’s work was through her project Teeth & Hair, exploring hair ornaments in the most imaginative ways. Notoriously known as the graphic artist queen, her work can be seen with clients such as; The Big Issue, Elle magazine and with the Commonwealth Bank. Her work is bright, full of colour, and takes you on this journey of a fun, tropical and wild adventure.

Sainthood delivers these attributes. Her 4 strong, independent women known as patron saints, these works stand high and are a force to be reckon with. The Patron Saint of Drunken Sailors 1, a mermaid fighter surrounded by the lack of humility by land inhabitants. The Patron of Shiny Things, flys high with swooping birds with a mega force of colour in the background. The Patron Saint of Interstellar Tennis, her seductive prowess takes her into space. And finally, The Patron Saint of Drunken Sailors 2, hides behind a fence of plants with her back to the onlooker.

Chapman’s print method isn’t only with paper but also with a textile rug. I really liked this connection with this traditional print artform and show the importance of these Patron Saints in a contemporary platform who could be heroines and goddesses.

Sainthood by Eirian Chapman at Lamington Drive, runs in October 3-25.

The Patriot Saint of Drunken Sailors (left). Clockwise: Martini, Jungle Head, Birds of Paradise and Fireflies (right) by Eirian Chapman.

The Patriot Saint of Shiny Things (left). Clockwise: Safety Pin, Sky Head, Magpie and Rainbow (right) by Eirian Chapman.


The Patriot Saint of Interstellar Tennis (left). Clockwise: Space Leg, Cat, Space Head and Racquet (right) by Eirian Chapman.

The Patriot Saint of Druken Sailors (left). Clockwise:  VB, Hook, Mermaid Head, and Fish (right) by Eirian Chapman.

During my gallery or exhibition visits, there would be a few pieces that stand out or pick out as favourites. Some of the A4 pieces I liked from the show are pictured below. 

Magpie and Sky Head by Eirian Chapman.

Rainbow and Safety Pin by Eirian Chapman.

Fish and VB by Eirian Chapman.

The Sainthood exhibition will be ending in 2 days. Go, and check it out! 


Many thanks to Shena at Lamington Drive

Artwork by Eirian Chapman

Words and photography by Quoc Truong