The Finders Keepers Melbourne Spring/Summer 2014

It has been about a year, since I first heard about The Finders Keepers. It was during same time when I discovered the likes of Tin & Ed, Beci Orpin, Alice Oehr, and Julian May – just to name a few. What is The Finders Keepers? I see it more of a design and art festival for families, students, couples, and anyone who is interested in this wonderful celebrated world of colour, shapes and form. When it is a design and art festival, with lots of local and national designers around Australia, food stalls, live music and workshops. An exhausting list but it would be a thrilling, fun-filled adventure for all. 

Armed with a digital camera, and a backpack ready to be filled with business cards from the various stalls. I took as many photos I could while walking around and exploring the many stalls inside the Royal Exhibition Building.

White November’s stainless steel and sterling silver pieces were intricate and delicate. Some of the pieces reminded me of star constellations and the fine details on foliage.

Poster sign situated next to the stall of OldSchool New School, who held their copperplate lettering workshop at the festival.

Pilar Rojas’s ceramic ware and porcelain jewellery were an absolute treat to see in person. 

I had a small chat with Pilar, who was very nice and passionate about her designs.

Renee Treml’s illustrations are a marvel to view, her work of animals is dreamy and showcases a strong use of line and shading. My favourites are the Nested series, where various types of birds sit themselves in teapots and other handmade goods.

Handmade-jewllery made from porcelain and homeware by Lavallier.

Elk, a unisex brand who recently just released their women’s range are a brand offering accessories, apparel and leather goods. If my wallet wasn’t so empty, I’d purchase from this store in an instant.   

Bespoke Letterpress, displayed some of the coolest letterpress products I’ve ever seen in such abundance.

Cool cat print design cushion from The Club of Odd Volumes.

The adventure ended on a positive note. Linnea – Swedish Design works are bright and colourful. A perfect addition to a living space as a little reminder about life.

During their Spring/Summer visits, The Finders Keepers will be heading to Brisbane on the 8th and 9th of November and Sydney on the 12th and 13th of December. To find out more visit, The Finders Keepers. Happy traveling!


Words and photography by Quoc Truong